Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Corp management mistake...

I made my first mistake in EVE last night - not a major one, but one that resulted in 41 sell-orders dropping off the market, and all my buy orders also.

Basic mistake: Dropped DeafPlasma (the trade guy) from being a director (full access to everything, nada-nada) to being a "Indurstry role" to allow me to check this role worked as desired. Didn't give him access to the wallet existing sell-orders were running under... hence all were auto-cancelled.

Lesson learnt: Create an alt to prove permissions working as desired... don't use a active trader. Will generate an alt tonight for this alone.

Overall, following a comment from Xoair in previous blog, last night the corp "Blueprints" hanger was opened, along with a Minerals in/goods out hanger. This allows "Industry" members to produce, research BPO's without being able to take them out of corp's hands without my persmission (I'm sorry but the corp although democratic and will take advice needs a figurehead director with full access purely to stop others stealing the hard earned ISK from the rest of the corp). Also granted Wallet-7 to Jax's use so can monitor the new Industry division.

Tonight: Need to generate a 2nd Industry role... For the members who produce only, for personal use - ie, if corp hanger has ran out of module X, you need it, and even though you havn't got PE to 5, it will still be cheaper to make from minerals - you can use a production slot to acomplish this. This will require another wallet for the funds being dedicated to this (available to all pilots but generally a low level of access) and a new hanger being opened for the Traders (as you don't want combat pilots goods intermixed with the current 80m of corp production!). Now I know the basics of Roles in EVE, this should be a 20-30 min job.

I now see why, ideally CCP should implement more wallets and hangers. I'd LOVE that in fact :) Right now I can see a point where we need considerably more corp hangers and wallets than the current game design allows.

And... when are they going to fix it so running factory/lab slots does not require the factory manager skill (ie one character able to cancel another characters production)?

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