Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Corp growing....

Last night got approached by a eve-playerwho reads this blog and who wants to start in Industry - hes an older char than me even, but has zero industry skills... usefully he has a BC, allowing L3 missions. So DSTIC welcomes its 3rd member (and 4th character) in Jax Koreth.
He'll have ~ 2 weeks of skilling to get able to manufacture high value items for profit PE5 needed for that - but should be able to start producting ammo and other high-volume, mid profit items in earnest in 3-4 days... so next 3-4 days activities will include finding a high-volume market output location to either setup an office or use as a trading location for Jax (as the current one Corp uses is fully accounted for). I'll be using the eve-map's (on paper) and the eve-agents search to find high trading volume areas of Essence... (apart from Ours). As hes new at industry, I'll be giving him a corp wallet to work from so I can keep his transactions/profit/loss record seperate from mine. Yes I know eventually we'll need to share the same "industry" wallet, but doing so requires me to have a excel sheet with API access to work out member profit/loss figures.

Plan will be... use base in Ours to copy very higher value BPO's - ie researched expensive BPO's. Cheap BPO's ie ammo, we should buy in each location.. as they do get used a lot. The corp's ML20 small tractor beam bpo for example can make 150k per run profit (only 10-15% profit margin, but it means we're competitive) - although requires 930-940k of minerals to be tied up for each run. I'll get Jax copying that in next 2 days so its usable when he gets to Production Efficiency 5 - although we could also build this partricular BPO in Oursulaert for profit also and just take the finished goods to sell - as its a high value item. Hope to get Jax to the 2m ISK per day mark also as a min after 4 weeks.

On the subject of production, DeafPlasma has now hit an empass. All BPO's currently in stock have at least 100 completed items sat spare in hanger or close (ready to put on market when current order expires)... This is the 1st time this has occurred so far, and means I may have to go back to ammo produiction until such time as got enough cash for the new BPOs (and the existing ones to finish research in 7-18 days) needed to progress again. I need the stock mountain as 75% of all sales occur in the Fri-Sun period.

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Strange to see a Characters name I use "in lights" so to speak!