Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Level 2 missions

Faction grinding has got me to the point where I can run L2 +18 missions finally for the agent in the station where the coporation hanger is. This makes life easier, as can base out of the corp hanger... which is handy when you need to refit for a particular type of enemy.

Ran around 10 missions last night, grinding them for isk. I need a Battlecruiser now, so am fundraising for the cash for one - but as all loot goes to corp for the industry growth - this does take a while - especially as I'm still stockpiling salvage for rig manufacture :) Deafturrets combat skills are growing daily, and he's able to use a MWD now. Ludicrous speed is now a setting accomplished by hitting MWD button.

This weekend in Industry have managed to get Deafplasma up to point where he's now 75% ready for invention. Still got some electronics & hacking skills to go... However need to work on social/connections skills... plan is to go to the Gallente Datacentre with a stack of tags so we can instantly get some very good Gallente standing. Base refinining efficiency currently at 92.5% - should be at 100% or close by end of week.

As ever with EVE, everything takes time, so you can't rush things...

One piece of good news is the Incursus BPO is now able to come out of research tonight - that will immediately go into production (although not in Ours as the build-costs will eat into profits there). Also moving frigates = a problem until we get the 30km3 industrial..

The corp will start recruitment properly in about 2 months I expect, as then we'll need some combat pilots... Looking at my eve-maps book, I've designated 4 areas to check-out, for POS placement potential - and another few areas for mining possibilities for those in the corp who may be interested in that. Far enough away to hopefully be quiet and relatively speaking pirate free - have stations's present ideally (not essential)... and low-ish sec - but not so far from high-sec that we can't get stuff back to ours for manufacure, then out to sales hubs.

Prior to going out there, it'll require some map work to check on system activity (ie pod-kills etc), plus a cloaked scout to meet the residents. Everywhere has existing residents, so finding if they are Pie/not-pie will take some time.

I also need to check research agent locations - as we don't want to spread our wings too far. Well until we have jump-clones anyhow :)

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