Friday, 5 September 2008

Industry update for week & mission reports

  • Zydrine is now at ~29xx on buy order price in Essence. Cheapest sell-order is ~3100. Prices continuing to rise. My stockpiles of this mineral are non-existant. Can any large corp who reads this potentially supply me with 2000 units (I may need more - to be evaulated weekly - this is the min requirement) a week at 3000 isk each - to be contracted to me in Ours? I know I said I wouldn't pay this but now I can't build half my good-selling items due to the shortage. I'm willing to commit to 6 months at this rate.
  • Megacyte isn't such a huge issue for me, as I use less of this than Zyd currently.
  • Mexallon - Also another item I still am struggling to get buy orders filled for, 100K units per day is all I am managing.
  • Production is going steadily.. however the loss of 8m of capital for the core hanger has impacted growth of core corp assets, which is flat this week. As I aim for 1-2m a day, we will be back in the black from this in 3 days time.

Overall, I'm happy with Industry right now.

We hit a L2 mission last night (Recon) that slightly threw us. Lots of high value bounties.. which I collected 1m of before my tank couldn't take it. Tried fitting for rat specific damage. This helped, but I still can't use the decent resistance modules... due to lack of Hull upgrades skill. This oversight is now being rectified. Now as the bad guys were left on warp game at this point it left a dilema, as the Cruiser (Vexor) I usually fly coudln't make it to the accel gate before getting ganked. The mission ONLY required us to warp through the gates, not actually kill anything. A case of greed over being sensible I think here (I saw the 2m of bounties and got er, excited!)

So we decided next was to speed tank and rush the 1st gate (with a corp mate helping to split the enemy's targets). Thuswas a case of building speedy ships which I named "Scaredy cats", ie frigates fitted for extreme speed/manuverability with named AB's. Mine done 830ms with current skills and turned on a dime. This allowed us to blitz past the Corelli crusiers and hit the accel gate prior to them being able to do serious damage. Mission complete, after 2 hours of talking tactics and trying to kill the cruisers that were ganking us! Speed as a tank really works as despite being locked on they didn't do any damage in the 20km to the gate :) It was my first experience speed-tanking, as in my last stint in game I concentrated on slow moving battlecruisers/battle ships, in which this tactic wasn't really an option.

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