Friday, 12 September 2008

Waiting for isk - production semi-halted

Over next few days I'm not going to have much time online (until Sunday), so I'm leaving the industry of the corp in the hands of Jax... Basically when I do login for 20 mins, I'll be running off production jobs for the corp, which Jax will finish and place on market for me in his new location.

Its a good way to get the 2nd "retail" outlet started for the corp - as otherwise we'll be waiting 2 weeks for Jax to get PE to 5, and I've got spare production slots at the moment... so why not start industry-2 division this way ?

Well, basically we're trying to get the main industry wallet to 40-50m to allow for 5 new blueprints to be purchased - I'm afraid which ones would be a need-to-know.. research has identified that one of these alone has a 650k profit per run, and the end result sells well... downsides are to get the full 650k when we buy the blueprint, it needs to go into ME research for 30 days. So great for future growth... not so great for now. The other 4 I've targetting may sell better without ME reasearch, but I havn't fully calculated the profit margin on these yet.

In the meantime, plans for this next week are continuing to improve both players learning skills just a little - though with a main aim for DP to get perfect refines (minus standing loss) in Ours... should take to mid next week for this. Standing loss we're working on as all corp members are running missions when online.. for isk and for standings.

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