Monday, 1 September 2008

Ship production

Some tips for budding industrialists:

  • Do your research before buying a BPO - In my region (Essence) some ships or modules have wafer thin margins and require a researched BPO to consider profiting. Some have 200k margins, and actually will move at that price. This allows you to build without Production efficiency at 5 and without a researched BPO.
  • Build items for the region. Not much point building Railguns in Amarr space is there?
  • Don't buy or build heavily contested items. Antimatter Charge S in Essence is something you can build, but make tiny profits on recently due to sheer level of competition in marketplace.
  • Don't make huuge stockpiles of expensive items that move slowly.
  • Don't build or sell high cost/low profit items. I had a stock of 40 Incursis that took 20 days to shift. Thats around 8million isk tied up and not moving, and considering profit per item was 30k isk, hardly worth the effort.
  • Sometimes you can drum up a market for a decent module IF you price it right. Pricing at over 50%-100 profit usually results in less sales/slower turnaround than say a 25% profit margin. Once module locally some "entrepreneur" has priced a 10k build item at 125k isk. Thus it doesn't move (this from market stats). My items at 20k isk however flys off shelf at rate of 300 modules per week.
Over the weekend I didn't wake up much except for Sun night(this is usual, as most of my gametime is during the week). In the Fri-Sun night timeframe DSTIC made ~20m ISK, of which I reinvested 75% into minerals as the furnaces/machines shops need feeding again as the sales over the weekend have led to almost no stock being in the DSTIC warehouses. Soon I need to take ~7 mill out of the Industry wallet to provide skills for both chars... which will be a great shame. That said, I have 5 blueprints leaving ME research this week which I'm majorly happy about as that means some of my more lucrative items are able to be produced again, and with a extra 9.9% profit.

I'm also eyeing the cruiser blueprints... as although expensive, I now own all frigate and the one destroyer blueprint for Gallente. The corp is starting to be what I want it to be... :)

I'm still mulling over selling the 100m ISK's worth of salvage in the hanger :)

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