Friday, 29 August 2008

Industrial Dilema

Upon checking market prices last night I have ~ 50m ISK worth of salvage. I don't yet have enough of some components to make rigs (and my rig blueprints are unresearched anyhow). My question to myself is should I sell - (as 50m would allow 50m of materials to be purchased to allow my stockpiles for sales to increase to the point I can start manufacturing other items), or should I wait, as I can make a extra profit on manufacture of the rigs. I *need* the 50m stockpile of materials in ~25 days when a certain ship BPO is researched to ML20 as although ships = wafer thin profit, they also equal consistant sales. T1 component sales vary so often that I need to I think I'm going to concentrate on Capacitor control rigs, as if I'm not mistaken these are rather popular?

Oh and someone put a buy-order in for ~ 10,000 units zydrine at my home station. At 3000 ISK. Thats around a 10% market rise since yesterday! Annoyingly there are units for sale at that price on sell orders ~ 4 jumps away so he's just hoping to get someone else to haul.
I've put an order in for another 1000 zydrine... amazing that I'm using 1-2000 zyd a day currently... and also 1000 megacyte. Until recently I didn't use either mineral in day to day production (newer T1 items I'm producing require both in small quantities per item)

A chap I work with in office (but on another continent!) started playing EVE also recently and has been blown away by it all. I think his quote was "This is the game I've been waiting for..." - he's an old school strategy/fps man and is loving the depth complexity of learning how everything fits together. I handed over a load of named loot I keep in reserve for friends + a million isk to get him started on skillbooks, and showed him a level 2 mission and salvagers in operation. Then I gave him some skillbooks and a rough order to train to get some basic "support" and gunnery skills. I'll be updating with his progress over the trial, but I think he'll be signing up for EVE full time. Another convert to the church of EVE.

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