Thursday, 21 August 2008

Industrial Activities to date

My aim when restarting EVE this time was for my industrial character to provide the ISK and parts/ships (eventually) for my Combat character... as eventually (6 months time) I plan to move into PvP with this char.

2 months in, the plan is almost working. I'm making 2-10 million a day in trading and producing.. Deafturrett(DT) only can fly T1 ships and parts currently... the biggest fun I'm having is playing the market. I'm not going to mention individual components, ships etc I'm buying and selling or I'd have competition in the market as other people done the same, greatly reducing my profit margins.

The basics of my approach:

1/Buy low, sell high. Some items I simply do this with as people put sell orders in for less than I know the item will sell for (and still quickly).

2/ Buy minerals: Build items. Sell for 25% profit over build costs... if I can't get 25%, I don't build. Don't build unresearched ship BPO's. A tip: Remember not all blueprints available locally. Some BPO's from other regions when produced locally result in good profit... so a few trips to other areas = profit. Further tip. Use market prior to buying BPO to check demand for items. Don't buy BPO's for low-demand items, UNLESS you combat char gets through lots of them.

More advanced:
As a producer, I know the mineral cost to buy minerals off buy-orders and then to build say a ship (ie what my average buy price is)..... this leads to interesting results. Example, yesterday, competition in Ours led to Incursis's at one point being well below the mineral cost on market (with perfect BPO obviously and perfect refine skills). Simple process when this occurs - buy,refine, sell... Even if your refine skills not perfect like mine its a good thing to be aware of and there is profit to be made ...

I am truely amazed at the denseness of some industrialists on the market - selling any item below build costs is crazy, as a decent refiner can melt that item down for cheaper minerals. On slow moving items also this is useful to know - especially with some of the recent increases in mineral prices (even a .25 increase in pye's or mex for example on a large item has a huge isk difference on items already in market).

The downside to my new found trading activity is at any one point I have ~ 50m + of buy/sell orders outstanding, so my character and corp is still technically poor as all profit is immeidately reinvested.

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