Sunday, 21 February 2010


On my trips into New Eden - the biggest change has been Pyerite... 6.72 isk a unit locally on buy-orders. Wow.

Usually my mineral basket buy-price (and my existing stock) is a 2.09 -2.5. So Pyerite has tripled in price inside last few months compared to previous buy prices experienced.

Rest of mineral basket has changed too, with high-end minerals such as Zydrine and Megacyte changing from high prices to relatively low....

My reasons I can determine for this are several fold.
1/ Wormholes - people concentrating mining high-ends only
2/ The recent ganking of Hulks in high-sec - leaving less minerals coming in from this route and refines from drops as a general rule having a low Pyerite count
3/ Less people mining Pyroxies potentially.

Anyone else got any comments on why this may be?

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Real life and stuff

I can see CrazyKinux is reorganizing the Blog pack to remove inactive members and that probably includes me :)

I have a very good reason for being away though - asked Mel to marry me in January - immediately after last post - so we've been somewhat busy travelling to other side of UK to look at venues and stuff (getting married there to kinda save the travel time for 60% of the guests) - basically if we had a wedding in home town all those people need to travel and more importantly need somewhere to stay. Given there is no hotel within 15 miles with the capacity, and cabs cost a lot here, it really would up the costs for everyone. The wedding isn't until 2012, but looking at the books, to get the wedding the exact week Mel wants we have to book by this summer, so we don't have much time. So basically thats where I've been.

I have been online a little, but not enough time to basically get anything done. I've temporarily up-ed sticks from Low-sec to Dodixie, as doing missions fits my 1-2 hour playtime better than low-sec, where its more fun to me.

I will be posting a little more often and have prepped a post for next week on an auto-post shedule, but now need to move as have a weekend of "fun" activities. Thats English sarcasm btw.

Next weekend I'm actually totally not doing anything, so will be online. Hope to see you all online.