Sunday, 21 February 2010


On my trips into New Eden - the biggest change has been Pyerite... 6.72 isk a unit locally on buy-orders. Wow.

Usually my mineral basket buy-price (and my existing stock) is a 2.09 -2.5. So Pyerite has tripled in price inside last few months compared to previous buy prices experienced.

Rest of mineral basket has changed too, with high-end minerals such as Zydrine and Megacyte changing from high prices to relatively low....

My reasons I can determine for this are several fold.
1/ Wormholes - people concentrating mining high-ends only
2/ The recent ganking of Hulks in high-sec - leaving less minerals coming in from this route and refines from drops as a general rule having a low Pyerite count
3/ Less people mining Pyroxies potentially.

Anyone else got any comments on why this may be?


Unknown said...

Simple, you mentioned the mineral basket and one of the key aspects of any basket of material that goes towards production of something is the fact that as the most expensive elements of the basket fall in price the least expensive will rise.

The reason being, since a larger proportion of the budget any individual has for manufacture is going to be disproportionately consumed by the high-cost elements, as those elements decrease, the proportion they consume falls. Because of this, the same budget is able to produce more, as the portion that previously would have been going completely to one element is now about to purchase a comparable amount of that element, plus a substantial quantity of the cheaper elements. This means the same budget is able to consume a larger unit quantity across the entire basket, and hence produce more of whatever the product is.

So, applied to Eve, as the expensive minerals (elements) like zydrine and megacyte fall, an industrialist who was previously only able to manufacture X worth of product becomes able to manufacture X+Y worth of product, where Y is the amount of product that can be produced at the new prices with available cash equal to the difference between the old, expensive, high-end mineral price and the new, cheap, high-end mineral price.

So, while you do a good job making note of the largely external factors that are having an impact on mineral prices (although, I would contest that Hulkageddon has a far smaller effect than everyone seems to be giving it credit for) you didn't mention this fundamental, internal quality of industrial economics. Basically, because high-end prices have fallen demand for low-ends has spiked.

Additionally, something else that is having a large impact on high-end mineral prices(at least if my experience is anything to go by) is that Dominion has greatly increased the availability of high-end minerals in 0.0, far beyond what was previously possible, actually. Because of this way more high-ends are flooding the market, crashing those prices through over-supply, and amplifying demand for low-ends as outlined above.


Anonymous said...

That's in addition to the increased seeding of Veldspar in hi-sec; Pyerite is now the production "bottleneck" mineral for a lot of stuff.

Unknown said...

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