Monday, 14 June 2010

I'm back, Planatary Interaction

For those who haven't seen me in game - I'm back. I'm still stuck with Real life stuff meaning I'm only getting 1-2 days a week online - but really enjoying EVE when I do get to play.

So I've decided to build a PI stack to manage in my "home" system, which seems great, and should, in-time, produce me a full set of materials to build Deathstars (well POS's). I'm lucky in 2 systems next door should give me a reasonable amount of all pieces needed... Right now, I have a process building a massive amount of P2 mats daily. Once that piece is ready, it'll start going to P3, then P4. I'm hoping P3->P4 will be one planet.

Overall its nice... as its one less thing to buy, and I can sell any spare "parts" on the Jita Market. Its been fun to workout ideal production setups so no nasty "waits" occur.

I had my first duel in ages with Krysania recently, resulting in a win for DeafTurret, but it was close. I'm a little rusty at duels, so will try and avoid, but engage if provoked....

Well done Mynxee on the CSM. No wonder you got chairwoman - great campaign!. I do still hope to participate in CSM when my life isn't full of wedding stuff (probably 2013!). BTW, we're getting married in 2012, but with the venue being other end of England (literally) - its a pain, as every other weekend we're going up to scout out "the venue", church, etc. We think both are now sorted, finally, but just need to finalise the date prior to booking....


WH Industrialist said...

PI is still on the buggy side, with decimal points of resources being moved round on transfers, and dropped production cycles etc.

And I agree getting married elsewhere is a pain, I'm currently on a 250 mile roundtrip for arranging that each weekend. At last count 3 weekends in the last 4.

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