Monday, 21 December 2009

Melted Capacitor Consoles

Is it just me or Post Dominion has the drop rate, er disappeared for these?

Over past month been missioning in Empire (over 40 missions with full salvage from all of them), and now down in Low-sec for 2 weeks now (again ran many anoms, many belts, many radar sites etc). And er, not a single cap console. Whats going on? Prior to this I got a few at least.

This is all in Gallente space, but if I'm right this could result in a huge huge increase in price to these and modules that use them... (CCC rigs).

Can anyone comment so I can get an idea if this is just me or not - I've been playing EVE a lot this month (in preference to blogging sorry!) - with over 70 hours clocked up!!! - which is more than I usually would play!

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

The grind is almost over...

Now patching to Dominion 1.0.2 and thought I'd blog while it patches :)

Well finally last night I got to point where all bar one research agent in Core Complexion inc is available to me.

This is good news for me - and means I can return shortly to low-sec, and go exploring again from a FOB or two. The nice thing will be my invention/research will continue while I'm gone.

Dominion though - has anyone else noticed, is it quicker for you? On my machine it appears less memory hungry AND more responsive - a great improvement in fact - despite the new in game browser.

Apologies for lack of decent blogs on Industry recently (what its all about) - but my limited time gaming is best spent actually doing stuff rather than blogging for this last few weeks. Normal service will resume... shortly. What I can say is the corp right now has 600M in cash, 700M on market, and a mineral reserve that can support manufacturing for another 3 months. This despite some big spend outs recently in preparation for the move back to low-sec...

What am I hoping.... 0.0 alliances to er, remove some stakeholdings, and rent to small corps. This will allow more of us to move out there and upgrade. More pew-pew, more monies. But I'm waiting with tenterhooks to see if this is case or not. What I can predict is mineral prices will increase shortly with all of the freighters being destroyed in past week.

See you all online shortly, patching has completed on my 2 clients.