Thursday, 26 November 2009

Post Vegas Musing

Well, back all safe - bit delayed last week, then jetlagged - whichpaid heed to me actually blogging, but I did manage to get back to skill change and restock the markets for the corporation. Vegas was aweesome. Makes me consider flying over from UK for eve-vegas. I do get lots of air-miles from work some years, so I've gotta hope for 4-5 flights uk-us next year to make that dream a reality. I should be able to get the hotel comped, so I only need a flight - the girl at the players club was offering all manner of deals to get me back!

This week - well, I've been in final phases of slog to get L4 agents for another corporation, which should mean I have almost all datacores covered once complete. Plan then is relocation into low-sec again and a set of hauling of the various items at each end of the pipe (loot from low-sec to high, and new ships from high to low) - that have been stocking up over the past few months.

Finally once all thats complete the rest of the corp members hopefully will be able to help with a POS deployment operation in the next fortnight - ideally pre-Dominion, but maybe after.

Work has screwed with me though - aim was to get a day off to play EVE post release - (booked a couple of days after release - but work has stymied that move by "unbooking" the Friday I wanted due to a colleague taking a flight to Nashville, TN, leaving us shortstaffed.

Can't wait for the deployment of Dominion - still dream of a 0.0 system of my own. Once day - but I'll need capital ship first, which is a few months away now. And I'll need the ubiquitious Cyno alt/alts once I have Capitals anyhow, which is more training.

Yes I have voted - do your stuff and Vote for the CSM now. Its the last day today for voting - and if you don't vote you *may* end up represented by a set of fools on the CSM. Of course, you could want that - but equally I think a bunch of Yarrr types may be resented by the carebear majority - so vote and make your choices known.

Hope to see you all online - I know its Turkey weekend in the US - so hopefully lots of people online to chat to this weekend - and have a nice holiday everyone.

Monday, 2 November 2009

Off on hiatus for 1.5 weeks

Apologies for lack of posts recently - been preparing for the 1.5 week trip to Vegas. Stressful - now on way to airport, and typically have forgotten my toothbrush. Always forget something, but at least it doesn't appear that anything important is missing.

The good news - I've been playing EVE a lot more this past few weeks, but havn't had a chance to blog about it due to actually playing. Highlights - sorting out the corporations mineral needs for the next 3 weeks with a bulk order, which should allow the rest of the members to produce stuff if they want while I'm away.

The good news is the other 2 coporation members will be taking up the mantle while I'm gone. Jax is back - he had computer hardware issues and work issues meaning he hasn't been able to play for a few months. Its glad to have him back though - as it means industry wise we're set for the next big expansion.

Dominion - we have been working on our plans for pre-Dominion - needless to say we have plans for all of the corporations cash reserves, and I'm hoping we sell 50% of the on market goods while I'm gone to assist in the cash-heavy investment in materials for the next stage of growth. If some of my math is right from word from Sisi, the release of Dominion could be very profitable for us.

The actual stats are 700m on mkt, 350 million in bank - and a mineral stash sufficient probably for another 700 m- 1 bln of goods for market sale.

Basically its great stuff and I'm happy with current growth. Hitting the 1 billion in cash mark will likely happen eventually, but we prefer right now to keep our investments actually fluid, and to reinvest every isk we make in order to make the growth keep occuring.

Anyhow hope everyone has a good Bonfire night (its a Brit thing) - and will see you all weekend after next.