Friday, 22 August 2008


I've decided DSTIC will eventually take new members (public, and very limited in number), but only a few as I want growth to be slow, steady and have people we trust. As I've realised just how many corps rip people off compared to a Corp I was in during my last sting in eve.
I spoke to a new player yesterday who had moved into a corp with 25% tax that didn't provide hi, with anything for example, and done no real corp operations (hence why he was grouping with me).

Please comment on my plans for my corp:
  • Will primarily be an industry corp.. focussing in T1 parts inititally.
  • All Corp members should not have to pay for skills that cost under 2mill on mkt, Corp pays (to help startup players).
  • All Corp members should not have to pay for ships and parts that cost under 2 million (subject to a max loss amount of say 5 a month). They should however pay to insure the ships and xfer the cash back to corp upon loss, so the corp wallet doesn't get hugely depercitated by this policy. T1 parts will be free, named and T2 will not be.
  • Flat tax of 5%. This to pay for corp hangers.
  • Corp payback. Corp pays 5% of all profits back to corp members every month. 95% gets reinvested in corp industry section.
  • We will ask corp members to dump generic drops to corp hangers, these will be recycled to industry section to make profit from them, and also for the above ship/equipment policy - they can keep named drops if they prefer to. Salvage is not property of corp, except when on a corporate mission, when it will 50/50 split to corp (for module prodction), and the players in the mission (thus making all missioners extra mission rewards, but also providing some components to corp for rig production).
  • Corp will provide rigs due to above policy at 25% below lowest mkt rate.
  • Corp will run corporate missions.
  • Mining I doubt we'll do as a rule currently, but if players choose to mine, corp will likely buy the unrefined ore (at better than best buy-order mkt rate)
Aims of DSTIC
  • Get to be able to T2 build/research. Which T2 items is still to be investigated.
  • Get a cov ops survey ship and search for low-sec hidden mining opportunties + exploration sites (mining here being exception to above rule).
  • Get a POS for reasearch in highsec (hence corporate missions at day one, and also being picky abuot new members as need corp standings with Gallentite to be v.high).
  • Make lots of profit for its corp members and pay for all combat activities out of industry section
Voice will be required (makes game more fun). EVE voice will be used - yes it crashes if game crashes, but I think the voice quality is really good having tried it...

So would any readers consider the above if they were a new player - I think its a fair system for the player and the corp!

Obviously the corp now need to put some money aside in a Player Development fund to pay for items such as skillbooks that we don't already manufacture.


Unknown said...

i would join, when i have a slightly higher sp count.

Sounds good. but what kind of players do you need?

DeafPlasma said...

At the moment its all kinds - we've changed a LOT since the post made here. Corp has around 1.5 billion in assets right now... we will see any member right in terms of their contribution and would be happy to provide basic seed capital, blueprint and production facilities for your own industrial activities if thats what you want to do.

Best you contact in game - for a interview with myself or Jax (we still are a 2 man, 3 eve character corp).

Online various times, character Jax Koreth, Deafplasma, or Deafturret.

I'm on most days, and most weekends, although timings depend on personal life. We're based in high-sec & deep true 0.1 low-sec (about 8-10 jumps into low-sec) - and are planning our first trips into W-space soon.

Atsuma Yishami said...

I'd possibly be interested too, if just not yet (I'm gonna try Faction Warfare first). I was just wondering, does your Gallente standings still having to be high thing still stand?

Mine are slighty negative (been getting them back up gradually), but I'd be worried that FW will destroy them for a while.

Have you got your highsec POS up and running yet? Do you allow people to join with more than one character? (I too have a miner and a missioner/pvper as it were)

DeafPlasma said...


If you are not Gallente, FW will decimate your standing, and make it impossible to even enter high-sec Gallente space! I'm personally in that state with Caldari and Amarr space - its really something to avoid occurring.

That could present a problem for the high-sec areas we operate - also its our main "corp hanger" location for items for ship fittings etc.

We've not got the high-sec POS up - but thats easily fixable even with bad standings by just removing the bad standings player for a week or so - and yes we welcome multiple alts per character - its something as you are probably aware I also do, and Jax was considering doing!

Again shout at me in-game - not on much this bank holiday weekend due to the stag do I've blogged about - but will be on a lot more in the coming weeks.

DeafPlasma said...

To clarify bad standings would likely remove the utility of our central in-market trading and corp hanger location for you.

We do have alternative hangers in a few low-sec places, but high-sec is focussed around Oursulaert mainly...

Basically as long as standings don't make you kill on sight in Gallente, you're probably fine.