Thursday, 21 August 2008

Back into EVE

Hi, I'm DeafPlasma.
This is just a summary post of who I am/what I do.

About me:
I am a director of DeafStar Technologies Inc (DSTIC) in game... DeafTurret is the CEO.
DSTIC is currently a one man corp (2 alt's, 2 paid accts) - ie both the above are controlled by one man :)

DeafPlasma is the Industry/Trade/Science guy. DeafTurret is the combat. DeafPlasma rarely leaves his home so wave if you see him in space - its rare, unless hes out salvaging for DT.

I've played EVE before and know the basics on combat and industry. This WAS Pre Revalations - so resuming my old character.wasn't an option (he only had 1 mill SP). Both chars are currently 2 months old with just over 2 mill SP each.

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