Tuesday, 26 August 2008


After a out-of-game experience involving paintbrushes, decorating... I got back into game last night.

Time away hadn't hurt DSTIC, in fact, it had meant I had 15 free sell orders (due to items selling), 20 million of ISK (huge for DSTIC to have that amount in wallet, despite the ~200m of assets the corp now has). Production was complicated by fact that pyerite and mexallon mineral levels were too low to be able to produce anything useful to sell, and sell-orders on market were criminally prices. So last night placed buy-orders for 200k Mex, 500k Pye, and 2M trit.. and this morning they were mostly filled - so the fires of industry are rolling again. Brought 4x new blueprints, and they are now in production.

After last weeks missioning led to quick standings gains.. and left DT able to run Level 2 missions, I went on some 2 missions with DP/DT and a trial character called OneStraw who I had met last week... enjoyed playing with him, but gives me a quandary - Should I accept someone else into DSTIC at this early stage.... its as discussed really not ready to supply all a new char needs currently (and won't be until funds available and blueprints for ships are available at ML20 - ~ 20 days)?

After last nights activities, new player development fund stands at 90k, personal wallet of DT at 1.9 mil, personal Wallet of DP at 5mil, Industry fund at ~ 2m after mineral purchases. DT/DP still need full advanced learning skills, meaning 40m is needed offhand in both personal wallets asap - so more missioning with Onestraw is essential, as it should make plenty of cash. DT also could do with some +3 implants.

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