Monday, 22 September 2008

Weekend updates

The new Tales from New Eden site is live. It's a blog where I'll put my eve fanfic when I get inspired to do so. It'll not be as frequently updated as this site. Its a very very low-publicity launch until I get some more Tales on there. And get better at writing fiction.

Skills, well, Deafplasma is currently still working on Refinery efficiency 5 (14 days left!). I may start him on advanced Laboratory skills shortly so I can get a few extra lab slots. DT is working on a multitude of items. DT can get a BC tonight and likely will be doing so and should also be doing his first L3 missions. DT is still months off being a decent pilot sadly.... But every week he is improving at missions...

Industry... wallet at 27m, 50m of items on market, and still a sizable stockpile of minerals of all types. Blueprint shopping is waiting until 45m. Did buy 10 million of trit over the weekend, as had run out! Also have to consider the period I'll be offline (almost 2-3 wks - though will be online in 3rd week on/off), and thus need to be building a huge huge amount of modules/ships for sale in the period offline. I have 8 days until the offline period.

I've been waiting for the inevitable mission into Decon, luckily so far have avoided that particular bunch of pain for the moment - but expect it to happen at some point, especially when I start doing L3 missions. Thinking of fitting the BC to also deal with threats from PvP - well at least to allow me to be competitive. I think a warp scram, afterburner (as will be in deadspace a lot), and webber will help here...

Can't wait for L3 missions when I login tonight.

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