Thursday, 25 September 2008

Mineral price update

Over past month in Essence based on my spreadsheet stats and what I'm buying raw source minerals for:
  1. Tritanium still increasing 2.75 buy order price average
  2. Pyerite over month - pretty stable
  3. Mexallon - stable
  4. Isogen - small increase
  5. Nocxium - Increased by 10 isk on buy-order price
  6. Zydrine stable
  7. Megacyte - Small increase
No real shortages causing production delays as in previous months for the industry section - apart from the almost constant usage of slots in the DSTIC home base. We now have to queue for manufacturing slots in Ours. Not a huge issue currently when we are building jobs that take > 48 hours, as the 2-3 hours wait for the slot is minimal. More of an issue in future. We'll build a manufacuring and science POS in low-sec soon enough to bypass all these issues. Only problem then is fueling and hauling minerals in/out.

Industrialists, how is it in your region?

Logistics wise has anyone got any ideas on strategy for fueling POS's in low-sec so I can prep my longer-term skill plan. Are rigged industrials best with WCS's, or is using a proper transport ship/blockade runner best?


Carole Pivarnik said...

Obviously, the location of your POS will affect choice of ship to haul or two scouted jumps in from high sec through quiet systems and you probably don't need a blockade runner. You'd want to fit appropriately, of course.

Another option is to use POS fuel delivery services, though they increase your costs. Not sure how many of this will deliver to low sec. This one says they eventually plan to do that.

Carole Pivarnik said...

Fixed URL for POS fuel service.