Thursday, 4 September 2008

Haulers & Corp hangers are go...

After some scouting last night, settled on a station in Ourselaurt (or however you spell it). Spent 8 million of hard earned profit on a station rent for 30 days. And therefore we have corp hangers. Spent out on a Iteron BPO, and produced the corps first hauler, the "Itsy Bitsy mk1". This was carefully flown out to Ours to populate the main hanger in 2 fully loaded ~5000m3 trips. Downsides are production is expensive in this stn, but slots are available (even though not cheap). This means only higher margin items should be produced here.

Introducing a new member to the corp is hard... for one, you can be scammed, so limiting access for new players, is unfortunatly a reality of the hard nosed EVE world of commerce.

Luckily however, in this case, I know my 1st corp member IRL. We work for same company in different geographic region, and he started playing using a buddy code I gave him. He's addicted now, and is paying for 1st month of his account as of er today.

Overall though as a corp we're not going to take on "trial" accounts as a hard rule. We'll help new players, yes, but to actually invite to the corp will require a paid acct.

Something new I noted in the patch... now the orders screen shows a total value of sell orders. So right now, on market, I know I have 39m ISK's worth of items for sale : In production is another ~20m, and I have 12m outstanding on buy-orders - along with a mineral stockpile worth ~15m. The spending of a total of 20m yesterday hurt corp reserves - but we should make it back within a couple of days and be back on track. The constant buying and investing in BPO's is what costs the corp currently the most cash apart from skill books...

A question - I know its possible... how do you organise a corps Science/Industry hangers to allow members to produce items without being able to nick BP's (with an already ~100m of BPO's this is essential)? Am I right in you grant query access, but not take to this division? - where do minerals & the lab costs go? This is for future growth as theres only one industrialist in the corp currently.


Anonymous said...

make a hanger with bpo in it and query only (read only). then another hanger with full access. when they load the bpo, they take resources from the "open" hanger to do the production. Also set the full access hanger as the output or they will not get their item back either since it will be in a read only hanger. The bug before where you could use your personal hanger if you load the job a certain way doesn't work anymore, so must have been fixed in one of the patches or updates.

to further protect, you can give one of the hanger divisions to each player so they can't get at each others items. But only if you don't have many members will that work.

Atsuma Yishami said...

Also, if you go to Politics screen (I think, been a while since I was a CEO/Director), you can vote to lockdown BP's, which essentially means they can't be moved from the hangar they're in, but can still be accessed by the members wishing to produce items from them.