Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Emperian Age 1.1 Update

Well, impressed isn't the word. The game seems A LOT smoother for me in non-premium mode - also command lag appears greatly reduced. I run dual account on multi-monitors most of time, so rarely run premium as background.

Anyone else think EVE's got smoother graphics and less lag since patch?

Due to limited playtime last night with the lateness of servers being available (10:30 PM uk time) I only got one mission done and salvaged. Annoyingly picked up a "important" courier mission that requires me to have a hauler. Something I was planning anyhow, but now made urgent... also will allow a new corp base to be established in Ours... I priced this yesterday, and as one station is 500k a month its far more reasonable than my other location that I considered. We need an office there for sales activities in any case, so it really makes sense for the corp to use this system as a base now... Theres also good missions originating from this system.

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