Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Mulling the merits of rig production

A little birdie told me the Capacitor control rig was the top selling rig... so last night I investigated profit based on buying the materials required. Basically locally I can buy the parts (with buy-orders) and make 1 million profit per item if I have a researched BPO (thats worst cast on lowest sell-order price if I choose to compete with it).

In my mind.. not worth it - right now anyhow (its worth it if its all my own salvaged materials). I'm going to research the rig bpo in any case so I can make it for a reasonable sum. Overall though - I think I'll make more consistant profit with other items (I have 30-40 different items being sold at all times, as early on I learn't a diverse production = a healthy one).

Production is still being hampered by the shortage of Zydrine locally at least. I'm only getting 2-300 units a day with several buy orders in place. I need > 1000 units per day now to keep up with the pace of the profitable modules.

And... this week is fully researched BPO week. 3 of my more expensive blueprints pop out of the lab this week - so I need plenty of Zyd to build/stockpile the items I'm going to be making. The shortage is becoming a serious problem to my industrial ambitions...

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