Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Myrmidon is go!

Yesterday got the Myrmidon for Deafturret.... And I started
investigation of the areas to do level 3 missions for the intelligence
office - to my surprise DT has standing now for some level 4 missions!

Anyhow took a trip around essence visiting various mission areas...
The funny thing in doing this is I discovered the best agents were
next to low sec and therefore you had a good chance of being sent into
hostile territory for missions!!! Checking the low sec areas with a
shuttle to lay safes and check out the locals I found them to be

My guide to spotting pirates in low sec...

1/. Take a snapshot of local residents and use this to investigate
their security status, corp and alliance info.
2/. If security status is under 0 they probably are a pirate.
3/. Check personal info notes Corp and alliance info and google it -
they may well even advertise the fact they are pirates!
4/. If all the above are okay you may be safe - but still stay alert
as situation may change..

Anything anyone else can suggest to improve the above list???

On a side note got 2 systems to inestigate tmrw for low sec ratting
and pos possibilities after checking out the official eve maps book -
which by the way is one of the best ways I've found to investigate new
eden space prior to flying to a location... Fingers crossed one of
those systems is good and relatively pirate free... It's low sec I
don't expect 100 percent safe space but it's nice if there's a nice
anti pirate Corp or two setup to discourage the yarr brigade...

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