Thursday, 11 September 2008

Lesson learnt: Don't fly tired.

Last night, myself and Senx Trelligan were on a mission VERY late.

It was a multi-part storyline mission and unfrotunatly it sent him into low-sec for a combat leg - so he messaged for assistance. I had ran missions in low-sec before, but in relatively safe space. This was far from that, and well past my bedtime already at 0:30am. 14 guys in local but no gatecamp and seemingly not in space (or in scan range). Senx warped us in and we started the mission knowing we were in full danger of being scanned out. L1 and L2 of the mission were fine, we were watching our backs. We then got sloppy and stopped paying attention to our on-board scanner. Too late....
Doom Armada alliance warped in with 3 guys, and ended up podding Senx, and killing me (but my pod did make it out alive). Was impressed with 2 things... - one being their warp scram range at 27km (from what I can remember). Second was just how efficently they went about killing us. The use of Navy ammo must help them a lot with dps also...

I personally should have done a lot of things better than I did - one being using AB to fly away from the scrambler (being deadspace this may have got me out of his range)... But as this was my first PvP encounter in EVE for 9 months... I'm rusty - and being 0:45-46 at the time was very very tired too. I'm also not skilled for T2 anything, and have pathetic support skills. So basically NOT a good place to be.

Lesson learnt:
  1. If missioning in low-sec pay attention to scanner... it will alert you to guys coming towards you.
  2. Don't fly tired - it leads to 1/
  3. Stay aligned at all times.
  4. If you see bad guy on overview hit warp. Don't collect drones, don't pass go, don't get your ass handed to you on a plate. Warp.
  5. If you are getting targetted and are scrammed and knowing you can't survive make some attempt to get out of range of the scrammer. Don't just sit there. Really. Don't.
PvP is an aim for the combat char, but it's 9-12 months off - I'm resigned to doing missions till them. But I'll definitely pay more attention in low-sec next time. So thanks for the combat lesson Doom. One day I hope to be able to be as efficient at PvP as you guys were.


Carole Pivarnik said...

There should be a sign at the Decon gate in Balle: "WARNING! Now Entering Death Trap" Too bad you lost your ships (and Senx his pod). But...that's just Decon. At least you're not alone...this happens to many who accept missions there.

Nice blog, btw. You should ask CrazyKinux to add you to the EVE Blog pack.

Karox Lominax said...

Just for an added bit of info - if you are missioning in Lowsec, make sure you dont just sit still once you get to the warp in point of your room - as thats where everyone will arrive, pirates included. If you can sit around 20-30k away from the warp in point, it can give you the few extra seconds you need to get out if you intend to run.

You should always stay aligned to a warpable object too, if you've got that extra warning time, and can get out in a seconds notice rather than 10 seconds or so to turn, speed up and warp, it's only going to aid your survival.

Just hope that the enemy havent alerted friends to your direction of travel so they catch you at your destination.

Anonymous said...

On behalf of Doom Armada I'd like to thank you for featuring us in your blog :D.