Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Battlecruisers are go!

Last night I though I had it sorted, but made a crucial mistake with DeafTurret: Myrmidon requires BC level 2, not 1. Doh! So I didn't have the required skills for my BC of choice until, well, past my bedtime.

I have 50m isk ready to buy, insure, and fit my new Myrmidon with the best equipment I can afford and use currently in Ours.

Industry wise, last night, decided to take a break for skilling DP on Refinery efficiciency as he can get to 5 during the time I'm out of game from next week onwards. Decided instead to concentrate on trying to get DP to have some of the skills required to do research - which is progressing very nicely. Though this is unlikely to be finished by time I go away, it'll be close. Once I can use a few research agents simultanously it'll then be a case of leaving that going while copying blueprints for invention and buying the Interfaces required.

Downsides are today I will not get a great chance to this new Battlecruiser... as time online is extremely limited today & tommorow due to needing to be up early tommorow & not getting home till extremely late same day. Getting old is really starting to eat into my Eve time as I can't stay up as late as I could in the past with an early start.

Best news is with some quick skill purchases tonight - I now have 2 chars capable of hauling in an Industrial ship, meaning mineral flow back to manufacturing base from purchase point is increased.

Has anyone else noticed the terrible inflation in Ours for Tritanium recently? 2.76 was the price this morning, a noticable increase from the 2.4-2.5 range of previous weeks. I am now a net trit importer into Ours, as its getting too expensive to manufacture from the in-system buy-order price.

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