Monday, 8 September 2008

Missioning on Sundays

Undocked for some faction grinding on Sunday with the full corp in tow for ~ 6 hours. As the corp is only 2 members currently this was quite fun especially with some of the missions being challenging for 1 cruiser, 1 destroyer + one salvager to manage :)

We managed to make ~ 15 million in loot + bounties, split between the 2 chars involved - was slightly disappointed overall, as usually we'd make double that. We'll soon have enough faction for L2 Q+16 missions which should increase isk generation activities. In course of last night got a second char able to to the Level2 -16's we've been grinding on to date.

I trained my new corp member in basics of contracts and industry, and gave him a frigate BPO to research for the corp (Maulus). After all we are an "industry corp" right now, we're only doing missions to get practice flying our ships and increase our skills. PvP is of course the aim, as at some point a low-sec PoS will need to be established to make our research run quickly - meaning we need a combat wing for defense/anti-pirate activitys. We couldn't cope in PVP currently with "only" 1m sp in gunnery and ditto in drones on both combat characters...

We're not ready for L3's as don't have a BC yet although we will be working on this during this week - well once Hull Upgrades IV finished so hardners can be used this training will be started for the BC.

I think it's going to be an expensive week for the corp and the characters in it... Characters need "more" advanced learning skills... Corp also need to go shopping for hardner BPO's this week.

Corp funds currently sit at 2m isk. Wish it was 1000X that!

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