Monday, 15 September 2008

Quiet weekend's industry update

Well, stuff sold... reasonably well last week - but not enough to bring up to new BPO buying 45m level...

Had 30m in the corp wallet on Sunday night when I logged into check (in the industry-1 wallet). Immediately refreshed buy-orders - now have 20m of various buy-orders setup. If you havn't got your more popular items in stock then its not good. Unfortunatly for me all the popular items sold out over the weekend.

Used 2000 zydrine in a few production runs + a load of Megacyte. Unforuntatly at same time Nocxium (something I'd never really ran out of before) hit rock bottom. More buy-orders placed for Isogen, Nocxium. They're not producing minerals quickly, but based on last time should fill the corp mineral hanger back up quickly enough.

Hauling minerals is becoming a problem for corporation - mainly as with current skills, 5000m3 is the max per run. By end of week this should be a reasonable 15-20k. Our plan is to buy cheap minerals outside of the major trade hubs, and haul back to Ours to manufacture (and sell in some cases) - then have a full hauler in the other direction for goods to sell in the more profitable mission hubs.

I'm happy with corp growth, but going to have to pass the mantle of management on in 3 weeks time, as I'm off on a 2 week holiday. Question is... which skill should I spend skilling in the 2 week holiday?

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