Friday, 26 September 2008

Too much loot/salvage.....

DeafPlasma has a non-T2 fitted salvager, a Catalyst destroyer, fitted with 3 tractors, and 5 salvagers - which seems the ideal mix for speed salvaging. Low slots are filled with 3 basic cargohold extenders.... giving 650m3 of cargohold on board, with an additional 400m3 available if needed in the Myrmidon. Until last night a single mission had never filled this amount.

One mission last night resulted in 1500m3 of loot/salvage total, requiring a trip back to the hanger to drop off the loot. I am trying to avoid having loot piles over many systems so I don't have a big hauling job in future, but think its going to be a requirement sadly if these huge loot missions become regular.

Thanks to Mynxee for the tip on POS fuelling, it looks like training for Blockade running can wait a while on DP. Its still literally months before a POS can be errected anyhow, due to corp standings being low, and also the fact we are literally nowhere near prepared for life in low sec. We'd literally be eaten for breakfast! DT only has 3 skills at L5 currently, but Gunnery is fast approaching 1m SP. I don't think I'll be risking going into Decon with Doom Armada around right now needless to say.

I have 5 factory slots in operation 24/7 currently in preparation for the time away next week/week after - and a full weekend of playing ingame, and building up the personal funds needed for some essential skillbooks. L3 missions really increase your isk income :)

Industry is getting to 1-2m profit per day right now. Now if I get that to 100x that figure I'll be very very happy.

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