Friday, 19 September 2008

EVE Daily update

I missed blogging yesterday, awfully busy day at work... and prefered to play EVE than blog in the evening.

So updates:

Finished the level 2 mission of "The Blockade" which is the 1st time I've had that mission. It made a decent level of profit for the corp. Another day of grinding/standings for the corporation basically. We're getting there. I have personal standings for L3 agents now.. and money for a battlecruiser. Sadly have no skill to fly one, as this week instead of doing BC skills brought up my shield, drone and hull support skills.

As a battlecruiser will be essential for ISK generation, this is next on my list, and in theory DT could fly one by end of the weekend. This will unfortunatly mean a relocation out of Oursuleart (although corp base will still be there), and another hauler route. Which leads to... DP needing to learn skills to fly an industrial class ship next week also.

The rent is paid for the corp hanger until November now, so it means I can go away on holiday knowing none of our stuff will be locked down by the authorities for not paying a bill.

Industry is ticking over at 4-5 million isk a day now, with a profit of 1-2m depending on the day. Not bad for sitting down not doing much and hauling some goods around occasionally. Jax's industry hanger is also selling, though not at the rates of DP's.

Big news is this will be new blueprint weekend. I'm hoping to have cash tonight to go and buy the 25m of blueprints I have marked for profit making potential. I wish I could blog about what I'm buying, but think its sensible not to pass on my industry analysis, as I know someone else will just undercut and reduce the margin for me. On T1 goods the ability to spot a good selling, high profit line thats undersupplied is essential.

I'm about to start a new blog to cover Tales/Stories from EVE (ie fanfic), which I don't think are best placed here. Will post/link URL once the page is done. Submissions from other authors welcome. I aim to update this new blog weekly with a new Tale.

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