Tuesday, 16 September 2008

EVE's Power of 2 promotion

This is a truely great deal, 49.99 euro for 6 months play, so about £42 likely when it hits my bank account... Link here if you havn't seen it before

So until October 10th, if you already play EVE and are considering a 2nd character this is probably the best deal available bar none. Once the 6 month period is done, you can go onto ShatteredCrystal if you live in UK to continue the subscription at £9-10 a month ish (read about them in this post for the financial rerasons) - although you could also transfer the character onto another paid account. I'm considering my 3rd account to make a research alt - but just can't justify it to myself, purely as I don't have a 3rd monitor to play it on - and right now logging in/out constantly to change skils would not be good, as I doubt my PC could handle 3 concurrent clients anyhow!. Now once I have an EVE capable laptop, maybe I'll do it - so I hope the power of 2 returns then :)

On a side note, don't you European players wish EVE would do one year timecards in US dollar?
I'd snap one up in a moment if available.

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