Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Industry updates & Tech 3

Now corporation has a stack of BPO's to research, I suppose the next step will be a high-sec POS - its on the list now as a possibility, and I suspect we'll have a research pos in ~ 2 months from now - as after all its cheaper/no-queue.

In good news, with the current focus on the Exploration profession (according to latest EON - which I don't have yet) looking like it may be a winner with T3 items coming soon - so this current skill path looks to be good (although diverting from invention temporarily is bad - getting invention datacores is good).

Need to research the Gravity rig that reduces scannning time ref: exploration - as looks like corporation has the parts in stock needed to run off a few of these to speed up exploration a lot.

Mineral prices to me appear mostly unchanged from last few months. Trit still seems unreasonably expensive compared to how it was back last September/October. Can't believe its still the Orca effect. Maybe at some point I'll mine, but the coroporation still overall has a no-mining policy.. instead refining and buying off mining folks on market. Still need a mining partner corp to supply us ideally, but sales are not as quick as over the christmas period...

Over the weekend restrocked a few lines that had sold out 100%. Full sell-outs are very annoying as someone else can jump in on your parade and start selling items... I've got my customers and they seem to know I keep the stores well-stocked.

The good news is Peak concurrency for the EVE cluster is still going up. I'm sure I saw 46750 upon login on Sunday - when it hits 50K it'll be a real plus. I just hope the presumably new-players joining the game stay. In fact I may go and fly with a few in next few weeks on Sundays to try and get some new corp "blood". Well that said, I will be this Sunday - following one I'd love to, but will likely on be a mag-train back from London to the little known town of Ipswich in the Sol system all being well.

I also note the above "gains" are pre-the-shop boxed launch of EVE by Atari in March. I really hope this brings a lot more players to this excellent game!

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