Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Exploration 2nd steps

Apologies for a 2 post day, but this post was prepared prior to recent happenings, and I'm now about 3 days behind whats actually going on - so am posting in advance of what was the scheduled release of this post...

Following my 1st steps to Exploration post - I've been having some decent results when flying with Jax on the last 2 evenings:
1st day, nothing special in a combat site - we did get an escalation but it wasn't feasible to complete sadly.. Radar site immediately after however yielded ~ 25 mln isk's worth of invention tools.

2nd day - magnemetronic site, combat site + a 2nd magenematronic. No special items on the 2x magnemetronic, except for ~ 2 mil total in salvage (which is being kept for corp stock). Really need a 2nd char able to do the salvage/analysing, as I keep the scan shit setup for Radar sites only - meaning once found I need to swap ship to a salvage/analyser destroyer to collect the spoils - a pain when said ship can be miles away. Just thinking if I really splashed and had a 3rd char with an orca, it'd be a perfect salvage ship - sit it cloaked in a safe, and can just fly to/from it with chars to swap.. Useful if, like, I am now, you are working in a system with 0 stations. Another option would of course be a tower setup in-system... I don' thave money for a 3rd account though, so I'll have to stay dreaming.

The big result on the 2nd day was a combat site, I'd say between level 3 and 4 in difficulty - almost had to warp out in fact in the battlecruiser. That resulted in 4 mil of bounties, and some overseers effects worth 2 mil - and some nice items..

Scan time now a more reasonable 350secs (600 is unmodified scan time!). Should have that down soon - scanning is now my no 1 skill to get trained before the March expansion.... and I suspect it'll now be a 2 month diversion from invention - just in hope I'll be able to get some tech 3 goodies come March.

Plans for rest of week are to stay doing exploration today, clone-jumping back to main empire hub to pick up the new Assault frigate I had planned to buy but didn't last week, and starting jobs to restock the "sales" hub. The new AF will mean I shouldn't have to swap so much between battlecruiser and incursis (as I am now).. due to some exploration sites being limited by ship-size.

As theres some pesky low-sec between me and main empire now, I'll also have to be looking to get into being able to fly DST's/blockade runners - just so can get all the loot and valuable invention items back from here to empire space. The FOB (Forward Operating Base in the area I'm doing exploration in) also needs stocking with flights in the other direction with ammo - with all the work yesterday, ammo stocks in the FOB are almost nil - and some types of scan-probe also need stocking. I am tempted to fly a low-value hauler full of ammo and probes over (if it got blown up total loss would be around 900k so its a possiblility)... Its annoying just how big scan probes are!

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Carole Pivarnik said...

It's so worth getting that scan time down...with grav cap rigs, a Sisters scan probe launcher, mid-grade Prospector scan time implant, and all scan time affecting skills to L5, my exploration alt has a scan time of 84 seconds (something like 23 on a recon launcher).