Monday, 5 January 2009

Happy New Year

Apologies for the lateness of posting, but I've been doing Christmas things and hardly logging in... Not due to anything except my girlfriend discovering gaming (but not EVE) - and thus spending all of christmas playing games such as Farm Frenzy 1 & 2, Zomba and Bejewelled 2... Downsides to that are the PC being hogged by a Farm frenzy athon.

Of course, being EVE, skill training was taken to task over the Christmas period. Looks like a fully tech 2 fitted assault ship will be mine in under a week. I think it'll be time to get EFT out at that point to think of some optimum setups. Interestingly, due to a good rounded skillplan, at the same point I should also be able to fly interceptors. (Gallente Frigate 5 will be mine by end of tonight - I hope!). Such anticipation in getting my 1st tech-2 hull :)

Industry done reasonably well over the period, some lines completely selling out (total sales over 1 week xmas week period of 100mln, of which ~60mln is profit). A huge 200mln set of buy-order's for minerals still has 100mln outstanding (and still best price in station). The corp mineral stash will shortly be at its best level ever due to this, although we are using more high-end than the buy-order is filling daily, so will need to find a new location for this.

Last night was spent running corp-missions - we managed to complete 6 in a 1.5 hour run, which was pretty decent. Now got 2 haulers 100% full to fly back down tonight to unload minerals and refineables.

Looking forward to this week as should be able to get some serious play-time in, due to a general lack of normal TV programming to watch, and also a complete hunger to play from the complete loss of play-time during the last week and a half.


Bahamut said...

That kind of profit isn't even something I can fathom... yet.

Anonymous said...

That's quite a nice margin over the Christmas period! So congrats on that and congrats on your first T2 ship - I enjoy my Harpy, so I hope you enjoy your Int/AF also :)