Monday, 22 December 2008

Great weekend profits

Very happy this weekend, started selling a new line in starships - and said ships are selling very well indeed - to tune of over 1 ship an hour. This is good because due to a lack of said ships on market, its a raw 300K ISK profit per ship.

The good and bad news is one of the corporations founding members, David decided to quit playing for the next few months. He donated his wallet to the corporation in a great "have my stuff" moment. We'll invest it, and when he chooses to return we'll return the cash from industrial funds. Because of this as of yesterday afternoon, corporation wallet had around 170mln ISK available. Thats on top of the 180mln ISK worth of goods I've currently got on the market (Jax likely has similar)!

To recap this year so far:
September: Corporation started around this time and was initially funded exclusively by myself (Deafplasma). All available funds not going into my characters development, but into buying and researching blueprints for future use. Market trading started in earnest, buying low, selling high... Some bad decisions made until we got better at only buying profitable/useful BPO's for tech 1 manufacturing. Jax and Senx joined corporation.

October: Corporation in growth phase - total funds under 100Mln. I go on holiday and return to find 70mln worth of items sold on market in under 2 weeks.

November: One expensive blueprint purchased back in late September and researched REALLY starts to pay, to tune of 500-700k ISK per item sold. Total funds and buy orders > 100Mln

December (now): Total corporation worth - probably over 500mln isk total (in funds tied up on mkt, in the corp mineral stash and 170mln of on-hand cash). Blueprints in corp hanger are definitely worth over 400mln ISK also. We're also sitting on a huge pile of salvage... worth hundreds and hundreds of millions - to be used by corporation to make cargohold rigs for use on our Itty V haulers initially.

Now, in the Janurary timeframe I feel we'll be ready for new-ish players to join and learn with us I would say - I'll be chatting with Jax as to the framework for this tonight, but basic requirements are 1.5-5mln skillpoints - a full paid acct(no trials), an interest in industry or pure combat (mission running right now, but pvp later). Voice essential - we typcially use eve-voice, mainly because its built-in... (and as we ain't doing pvp the risks of using EV are minimal). We play UK timezone, and play evenings mainly (9pm evetime onwards), so if you will be interested in joining us - let me know via evemail or comment.

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Anonymous said...


I've been reading your blog since you started it and have yet to comment. Now seemed a good time to do so.

I started EVE at a similar time but have taken a totally PvP route and enjoy it very much.

Thanks for keeping up your interesting stories about production and market trading (something I know nothing about!)I always a joy reading about your growing fortune.

Merry Christmas and fly safe