Monday, 1 December 2008

EVE Cosmos missions

Last week, I started my first steps into Cosmos (aka "Agents in Space"). Or "Pigs in space" if they are the enemy of my Gallente brothers... The Gallente COSMOS constellation is in Algintal consellation in Sinq Liason.

My aim - was to increase Gallente faction standings to raise Corp and personal standings with both my characters.. Cosmos is good in this regard as every 4-5 steps you get a faction gain vs every 10 or so missions in a normal mission-running scenario.

I did however get off to a bad start - having made a criminal mistake in not reading up on the Agent locations and relevant factions online, I started by doing a mission for the Thukker faction unwittingly. This was of course the 1st agent I found that would speak to me. This reduced my Gallente standings so was just a bit counter productive. Luckily I realised this after completing the 1st 3 part mission before starting the 2nd level missions - so it wasn't all bad fortune.

Once I found the correct agent to start L1 standings for Gallente, all was well, well apart from fact one of my 2 characters could not speak to him yet (the other could). This was down to a lack of the "connections" skill. I started training this, and moved over to doing some Gallente Datacentre missions - this was all good, until I hit a bugged portion of EVE, which has been Bugged since 2006 it seems.

Basically you eventually get to see Avrue Auz - and once I completed all the missions for her she asked me to take a token to Boismevier Mals. Now annoyingly... Boismevier Mals does not currently exist in the game. Checking forums, it looks like its been this way since 2006.... So I have a useless token.

Overall though so far COSMOS/datacentres have so far been remarkably fun and most importantly unique. I would 100% reccomend any character go and do them (even if experienced), as the faction gains are worth the grind. The stories are completely different from the "same old" missions you get when running for a normal agent - as eventually saving that Damsel who keeps getting into trouble does get somewhat tired. They are also very well written. Each mission can however, only be done once, so its not a source of unlimited faction. For some missions I should add you do need the Hacking/Archaeology skill available on your characters.

The loot is also unique in being T1 BPO's for "storyline" items, that are just below T2 items in their utility.

As of today Connections 3 has finished - thus I should be able to continue the COSMOS chain and I really can't wait to get back in there and find what happens next.

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