Thursday, 18 December 2008

7 facts meme

I've been tagged by Karox Lomax So its time to do a response.

Now, unfortunatly I can't find anyone EVE related to tag - so I'm calling end to this, as tagging someone twice would be plain stupid and make this continue ad-infinitum, and result in an ever-increasing volume of facts to fill.....

Some facts about me:

1. I'm a bit of a jet-setter most years, typically travelling a lot with work (3 months a year on road is common), and also a lot personally - although this year work wise has been quiet with visits only to Sweden & Italy, and only 2 weeks out of office. Personally this year, its been UK (a massive road-trip over 2 1/2 weeks) & Germany... Next year however, places the work project plan could take me to include - Colombia, Argentina, USA (Vegas, LA, and Nashville), Sweden(again), Denmark, China.. lets hope I get to visit a few more places.

2. I have an interesting-ish job IRL - I security test applications for the banking & insurance industry as well as being responsible for making security architecture decisions. Unforuntatly this does not mean I can scrape 0.00001p off every transaction or similar, but it does mean I'm responsible for finding cases where this kind of thing is possible. Most days I'm on phone to China in morning, and USA/South America in afternoon - as spend more time working with the non-UK sites.

3. I love beer - real ale in particular. I brew my own ale (from kits right now, as doing it from raw hops is a horrible smell). One batch of my homebrew once resulted in one of my friends being barred from drinking it again by his wife, as it was the "1st time he'd ever been even mildly drunk".

4. I live in the county of suffolk, UK - notable nearby residents include : Delia Smith. The excellent, but sadly deceased John Peel also was local.

5. I have cooked for Delia Smith on more than one occasion - she was a regular visitor to the Fish and Chip shop in which I worked as a chip/fish fryer from the age of 14-17 (prior to University) and came in at least once a month, if not more frequently.

6. I went to school with an stage star in London/Broadway... didn't really know her, but she was the one a lot of the guys in my year fancied. Link - Kerry Ellis

7. I love gadgets, and according to my girlfriend spend far too much money on technology related purchases every year (and she believes far to little on clothes etc)...

I hope people enjoyed this post, and found a little more about me.

Oh, I also didn't mention, I have another proper published blog (by a REAL publisher) over at Itpro magazine, that I'd appreciate all you EVE folks linking to and commenting on if you enjoy.

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