Monday, 1 December 2008

Industrial update for last week

Industry is progressing so well now.. turnover of at least 100mln isk last week (its hard to compute without going to excel right now!) Personally I turned over around 50mln. A turning point was hit earlier in week when mineral buy-orders exceeded sell orders for a 2-3 day period.

Ship sales - are going through roof and are definitely our top seller - in fact so successful we're putting around 45m isk of ships for sale tomorrow.... We make from 500k to 800k per ship depending on location.

At the weekend to save on build costs we even bought some low-priced ships and resold for the "going" rate successfully a few times. A maneuver christened "poaching". Its as if some folks don't want the huge margins possible on this line :)

Yesterday was almost 100% focussed on Industry in the period I was online, building massive amounts of stock (several of the manufacturing jobs were 4+ days in length) for frequent sellers we were low on. Whats nice about these items is the competition is low, and we can place an order on and leave it without micromanaging, and still make 50-75% profit over a month or so.

Mineral prices - stable, even decreasing slightly in past week from my mineral guidelines. High end minerals such as Zyd are available, and cheap. We now have a massive stockpile of Zyd and Megacyte - enough for a few weeks I think.. Problem is volumes, some weeks we fill a buy-order in a day, sometimes it takes a week. Now instead of placing a once-weekly order for the items needed to build, we're actually constantly buying items.

Mineral stockpile - decent, at least 100mln in stock currently although some holes - Mexallon and Trit in particular is lower than I would like.

Due to above, hauling is becoming an issue, in fact a Iteron V will be the next major skill trained for (above all invention/probe skills) on my main industrial character.

A question - does any corp want to contract for some regular mineral supplies (priced to be negotiated but should be competitive with buy-order rates) (to a station of our choosing)? With us growing exponentially, and buying 100mln a week on average - I'm thinking we'll need to start partnering with a mining corp to get to the volumes we need longer-term. We have no immediate plans to mine ourselves.


Anonymous said...

Hi DeafPlasma,

Naneni Corp would love to contract-mine for you.

Please contact me, Rick Oshay, or my Mining Director, Raemys, in-game to discuss this.

DeafPlasma said...

I will be in contact next time I'm online.