Monday, 24 November 2008

Ship production 101 & mineral price update

Well, at the weekned Jax started ship production after months of waiting for the blueprint to be researched, and its starting to pay off, 2 ships sold already. To the tune of 700K isk per ship profit. Thats monster profit and our highest per-item profit so far - and selling 2 per day = a nice little earner.

Downsides are the mineral stockpile is depleting quite quite rapidly. An example is Zydrine use. A couple of months ago, 4000 Zyd would have lasted a couple of months production. Now its lucky to last even 2-3 days. We purchased > 15k in the Sat->Sun period alone. The good news is Zyd appears to be being priced reasonably now, and availability of the high-end minerals is good and is "just about" keeping up with our demand.

Bad news is Trit, I don't know if its the release of the Orca causing this, but Trit is at 3.20-3.50 locally. A couple of months back, 2.91 or below was normal, and 3 was expensive.

Whats interesting though is despite the increase in costs of all items with Trit, prices of T1 items on markets are still continuing to fall. Watch out T1 producers (especially those with unresearched BPO's) as this may cause you problems.

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