Monday, 10 November 2008

Low-sec shenannigins

Well, last night we went for a roam in low-sec... not local low-sec, in Essence, but more further afield.

In good news, we found a very unpopulated system and what appeared to be anti-pirate setup nearby. Its between 15 and 20 jumps away. The system has plenty of moons, and is .3 so is a possibility for pos placement.

First... need a covert ops ships to go moon scanning around all the moons in system that don't already have pos's... This requires use of a cov-ops and all the scan skills which is about 2 months off - could use a non-cov-ops, but one is required ideally.

Second... need a POS.

Third, need fuel for a POS. Which means we need (for emergency's only) ability to ICE mine at a reasonable rate. The cost for the pos, should in theory, be supplied by the moon minerals - at least in part - and thus should be able to pay for high-sec fuel services from a 3rd party.

Fourth, need a defense force situated in/near said POS to defend.

Downsides are the investment the above will take. I'm proposing saving starting now for the project..

As of this week we're moving mission hub system... now the main corp refiner has standings for 0% refines in Ours (allowing recycling without loss), we can move agent hub system.... so we can move to L3 Q17/18 agents or even L4 missions.

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