Tuesday, 11 November 2008

CCP - Please release fanfest videos

Okay, we have 24 hours downtime. Fanfest has just happened.

Why not... - release the videos from EVE TV of the fanfest presentations. It *may* just keep the EVE population from getting cold turkey withdrawal fever. At least it'll give all the Europeans something to do today. Call me crazy but the guys doing the server work will not be the EVE TV guys, nor the website content guys, so I really can't see why they can't do this.

Myself - well, I'm at work (this was written by email on the train on way to work), but er, once I get home, I'd love some fanfest videos in decent quality. Crazykinux done a great job doing videos and pics on his site during fanfest... but they are not the best quality, which I'm sure he'll admit.

If this doesn't happen, tonight/today I'll be doing non EVE related things for once, including catching up on the mountain of TV waiting to be watched on my Sky+.

What are you planning in downtime?

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