Friday, 21 November 2008

Interesting ship piloting mistake

I hate to think of the cost to repair the station - I hope they don't charge me and their insurance covers it. The corporation couldn't afford to pay a few billion for repairs either! Thanks to Jax for the picture.

In news, corporation had total of 180m of items on mkt yesterday, and we've discovered a few new high-profit, but slow selling lines. As the profit is 200k per item its a nice little earner (selling ~5-6 per day)

We're also going to get into ship production due to the high profit we have identified in some classes of well-selling ships now we have both minerals and researched BPO's available. (note to those not in know, a non-PE researched ship BPO cannot make you money in many places from our experiences). Hopefully the ship business will result in faster turnover for corp (which will nessessitate us training for bigger haulers).

Industrial activities aside, will have basic skills for COSMOS missioning I hope for Monday. Archaeology will be available from then.. Then its onto the probing skills - then finally cov-ops. Then back to the basic skills to enable running of multiple R&D agents simultaneously. COSMOS to improve standings rapidly... thus allowing use of R&D agents... and probing to enable exploration. With the upcoming expansions next year, I think getting exploration/probing skills good will be a good start.

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