Friday, 14 November 2008

EVE Memory leak?

Last night myself and Jax did notice what appears to be a small memory leak in EVE post the new patch. Basically on every jump memory increases a little it seems (on both our PC's). As Jax had jumped all over Essence last night he'd ran out of ram.. and just restarting the client greatly sped him up.

In good news - post-patch as a general rule my clients are running a lot smoother.

We spent some time yesterday running missions - and Jax sorting out some nasty market undercutting going on in some of "our" systems !

This weekend, another venture into low-sec is planned - scouting another region to get an idea of if the residents are the yarr type. Will update results on Monday...

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WTM said...

I'd actually started to notice some memory leak issues prior to the patch..

Since the patch though, I've noticed I have to fire up my two clients slowly, allowing each to "settle" before starting the next.

Otherwise both are as responsive as a snail stuck in glue.

No doubt it will be resolved, but until then there is no way I will have two clients logged in whenever I am expecting PvP.