Monday, 3 November 2008

Phew... that was close

My game time almost expired today, without me even realising it... Due to expire in 3 hours from now, and I simply hadn't realised. It does mean however, this marks the 4 month point in EVE for my characters...

I have bitten the big one and renewed both accounts I own for 12 months. With exchange rate fluctuations I couldn't bring myself to pay by GTC as I have the past 120 days. Paying in 12 month installments is a reasonable compromise. It works out roughly equal a monthly basis than I had been paying until now (without risk of the pound going down the toilet and me having to cut down to the one account).

The downsides are I havnt been able to log in except for skill changes since Tuesday... this isn't a good thing - but was down to unexpected work on Thursday, and ditto Sunday. It does suck being on-call. But this week I have a completely free week/weekend and not-on call. So lots of EVE-time at long last.

This weeks plans involve mostly missioning for ISK. The good news is some of the rig BPO will soon be finished research. Meaning I'll be making some rigs for my missioning Myrmidon with left over salvage. Sure.... I could sell salvage, but personally I like to use it for my personal ship customisation needs.

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