Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Stealthed Industrials are go go go

Read this dev blog
My long term skill plan has me in low-sec in 6-9 months with some 0.0 activities also... basically exploration and the like. I'm not going to be putting in a claim for space - it doesn't interest me currently, and I'm not planning an alliance, so my problem has been mainly hauling. With NBSI polcies and bubbles in 0.0 the logistics for a small corp without jump capability is very very limited.. but with stealthed transports, I seriously can consider getting some ships out into 0.0 space with ability to cloak up if needed... A 2 or 3 man exploration team could stay out in 0.0 quite a while until the blockade runner is full.... of course using a few of the 0.0 stations that allow anyone to dock as a staging post/ship change point.

Until this, I thought I was going to have to do several nasty runs to/from 0.0 daily to be able to haul loot back to empire. But with the Blockade runner changes I can move around equipment far easier.

I have several plans for tonights activities - manufacturing of more goods for sale, and some test runs of some non-common items on the market locally... My personal rate of sale of items has fallen considerably so I need to spend an hour checking that no-one is undercutting my very reasonable prices (I'm usually close to best in region price on items that have competition)

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