Monday, 20 October 2008

Mineral availability

Prices are still increasing in essence, but availability seems better. Buy-orders for > 50 million isk's worth of trit, mex, and pye were completed in under 2 days at the weekend. This usually takes a lot longer (a week).

Tonight, I have the job of moving a vast vast quantity of minerals from the delivery station back to corp HQ for the manufacturing division to use. Got about 2 weeks of solid building to start (starting with most popular items of course), to restock the corporate sales outlet. Theres only 10million of items left on market so that needs to be quickly rectified...!

Being away also means 4 blueprints are due to come out of reseach tonight, opening up several items to be able to be built for profit. Once done I'll be adding a Thorax blueprint and researching it... This on top of 3-4 other bpo's that we've found need research to be profitable.

One of the downsides of eve, is each time you get a BPO and start making increasing profit from it, is you then need to buy another BPO to keep the momentum... as being away showed, when all your items do finally sell, you do end up with a lot of funds... I also need to start using some alts to get more research queues. That or build a POS for research.

The corp's montly bill appeared last week. I need to pay this for the december station rent. Thankfully the rent has reduced to a more reasonable 6m isk. Lukcily a few days missioning even with a 5% tax will pay this quickly. And I've got all of Saturday afternoon and Sunday for gametime this week... and just can't wait.


Carole Pivarnik said...

I'm always amused how rents fluctuate. One of my alt's corp offices up in Tash Murkon started at 60K, going up to a high of 3M and change one month, then the next month right back down to 300K or something like that. Crazy! I wish we could pay rents for 3 months at at time...a "lease" of sorts to stabilize the price for a bit.

DeafPlasma said...

Indeed, how I hate the flutuation also. Leases would be an answer, but would mean the 1st players to open offices in a station pay considerably less than newer corps. This would deter new startup's, so personally I think they have to maintain the status quo unless we can come up with a better idea?