Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Manufacturing update

Well, last night hauled 50% of the minerals back to base.. and set up the manufacturing jobs. Unfortunatly for me the corps manufacturing base is somewhat busy right now, no free slots for 24 hours!.. Queued up 5 jobs (my max) to build a significant amount of several good-selling modules.. They will complete Thursday, when I'm actually working from home, so should be able to quickly move them to sell during the day.

Still gotta sort out the research queues. Tempted to do some productivity research for a few days on the more popular modules to reduce build times and increase productivity.

All is well... Even caught up with Senx Trelligan whilst online... and had a quick chat while I done the above. He's aiming to be in a battleship soon, where I'm concentrating on core skill improvements before going up a ship class... I suspect I'll be able to tank and kill his BS with my Myrmidon if I'm right :) - he has very very basic core skills... and with a BS would have little manuverability to be able to stay at his optimum vs mine.

I'm itching to start using my new skills to use T2 guns :)

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