Friday, 17 October 2008


I'm not online much this week and really really hating it. Only net access via iPhone or work PC's. Floor is down in the new office finally... and IKEA delivering the furniture so the PC has a "home" on next Thursday. So next Friday/Sat the new office will be built and I'll be a pod-pilot again. Can't wait. I hope to get online tonight to setup buy orders for minerals/building to get back into industry.

This extended absense did get me thinking though - about getting a laptop, and after being throughly seduced by the new Macbook marketing am 100% sure my personal laptop will be a Mac.... Now I won't be purchasing it this year, as got some other expenses to deal with 1st... but will be at bonus time in March next year. Well providing I get a bonus, with the credit crunch and all that...

My big question to the EVE communitiy is with the New Macbooks, will I need a Macbook Pro to play EVE, or will an ordinary Macbook suffice - as with the new graphics in the basic Macbook almost being 50% of the speed of the old "pro" is this good enough?

P.S somehow (I havn't done analysis fully yet) readership shot up by 30 subscribers while I was on the non-computer, non-tech holiday and not posting. Literally this growth was all on one day... I'll be investigating the stats later! Hello new readers.


Anonymous said...

Hey man,

I play Eve on OS X using my MacBook Pro. Its a couple of years old now but with 3GB of RAM runs Eve more than happily. There's no premium graphics or the like on the OS X version but you can use bootcamp and run it on Windows without a problem if that's what you fancy.

The new MacBooks are deeply sexy, shame I can't really justify replacing this one.

Congratulations on the increased readership.

Anonymous said...

Right now I play EVE on my Macbook and it runs alright. You wont be able to run it in Trinity and it can be slow without an actuall graphics card because the Macbook splits system ram with video ram.

Both the new Macbooks and Macbook Pros have a video card that is supposed to be steller so I think you will be fine playing EVE on either of those. You also might want to look into Bootcamp like Wensley said because you should be able to run EVE with Premium Graphics in windows fine