Monday, 13 October 2008

Back from my extended leave - sort of

And.. have Refining Efficiency 5 done... free refines at loong loong last.

Time online will be limited next weel though as decorating/moving around the house/going to the dump to get rid of years of accumulated garbage/ebaying others, so hardly will get to be online. Already started a manufacturing job... looks like corp has some serious finance now, in the 2 weeks away, corp funds at ~75m. I know for some corps thats micro-cash, but thats all hard earnt industrial efforts that made it, so I'm very happy.

As the corp is playing for the long game, we're going to be spending most of that on blueprints, and minerals to restock the markets. 1st BPO already purchased, just need to fly over to collect later in week.

Can't wait to see everyone, but with the week being so busy its just hard to get online in evenings. Will see all the regulars back in Essence in the next 2 weeks, I just can't say when - then have 2-3 solid weeks of playtime in November when all this work is finally finished.

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