Friday, 19 December 2008

Industry update

Well, its been almost a week, so I thought I'd give an update on trading situation:

1/ Tritanium is increasing still. 3.87 was the last big buy order I got filled. Considering Trit was under 3.0 last year, this is massive inflation.

2/ High-end minerals are continuing to fall. Zydrine/Megacyte orders get filled quickly typically and our stockpile of these is reasonably large still. Still having issues getting Mexallon orders filled in a timely manner.

3/ Mineral stockpile stands at very high levels. I don't think I can complain when the manufacturing hanger has > 11 mln Pyerite (from a all-time high of > 14).

In blueprint news:
We went shopping, and spent > 90mln on new blueprints on Sunday. Some aimed at T2 production, some aimed at profit. Profit margins on some of the items are > 100%, and this is for tech 1 stuff that sells reguarly. We actually ran out of BPO's needing ME research believe it or not on Saturday...

We plan another blueprint shopping spree on Sunday I think - a trip down to amarr space for more T1 item bpo's.

Oh, and around 150mln on market for sale from my personal characters on Sunday too :) Total sale-orders = > 200mln now. When this was 100mln a month ago, I'm still happy with the approx 100% month on month growth rate. Also am using less sales-slots to accomodate this than I was last month too..

A question - are there any good transation/journal API applications that allow us to monitor sales volumes/growth corp wide easily? Or will I need to cut my own?? This is because I want to monitor on a per-corp member basis their contribution to the corp (this is ahead of a recruitment drive planned for new year to add 2-3 industry folks to the corp).

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