Friday, 12 December 2008

CSPA Charges

Someone I was going to send an eve-mail and a convo request to had a CSPA charge set of 1 mln ISK (when he was online yesterday). I mean seriously? I may want to do business with you but I'm not going to pay 1mln ISK.... Crazy money to just talk. Added to fact person in question had asked me to contact him (and had failed to add me to his addressbook). Blerg, if he wants business from DSTIC he'll have to contact me now as I'm not persisting...

I honestly don't know why EVE-online even persists in these charges, sure they may cost spammers money, but in the past 4 months of play in busy systems I have not had a personal eve-mail or convo request from spammers.

So another rule to add, I'm not going to deal with folks with ridiculous CSPA charges.

Whats your opinion on EVE's CSPA?

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Bahamut said...

I think one aspect is realism (it can't be cheap to make an interstellar two-way call) and the other is to deter un-wanted communication as a tactic... combat-oriented or otherwise.