Thursday, 11 December 2008

EVE - another Timezone

Is it just me - do you lose track of time playing EVE?

Yesterday I seemingly went into the twilight zone... had a chat with Jax while running some L3 missions and setting up some buy-orders in different regions (far far easier to do this using EVE voice/teamspeak - and chat over different prices). Then it was midnight and I started Angel Extravaganza. Next thing I know it was 2am when I finished.... and I had work at 6am. Double Doh. EVE Timewarp, or warp-drive.

I also had major issues with my broadband at midnight with disconnects from EVE 4-5 times with a 10-15s connectivity loss. Most annoying and lost a few drones (but thankfully nothing else) due to this. On this subject wouldn't it be great if EVE coped with this better? - EVE voice certainally does - still shows me who's speaking, and they can still hear me... even if according to their eve client I'm offline.

Going back to subject of UPS a few months ago and why I have one... . This morning up late. Not down to tiredness, but due to no alarm due to house power being out. Was most annoyed.... indeed. Power came back as I left at 8... but have had 10 power cuts from 7am-2pm today... average length of ~10 mins each. UPS on my server thankfully lasted through all, but the battery is complaining as its not recovering enough between outages.. Oh for reliable electric.

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